We all know that it is a daily challenge to live with human beings, more so with ladies who have practically been living on the streets. The truth is that negative words and attitudes, and all sorts of pranks have become second nature to them; that is the way of street life. Most of the time, ladies in this category have grown morally depraved and corrupt.

These are the ladies we pick up and try to resettle into normal society at the Real Woman Foundation. It is our belief that for the successful rehabilitation of these ladies, one needs to understand the concept of personality development.

This involves each child’s potentials being discovered, developed and organized in such a way as to bring out the uniqueness in her. This development has two factors, mainly biological and environmental.

There is a behaviour that is common to all men and another one that is unique to an individual. It is widely believed however that environmental factors have a greater and enduring impact on the child’s development. This is especially so in the cases of certain aspects such as intellectual development, habits, self esteem and perception of others.

These ladies that were found on the street were influenced by almost identical environmental factors. Most of them are victims of rejection and various forms of abuse.

The negative environment they have been exposed to over a period of time took a toll on their lives and well being. Their appearances and social demeanor reflected these when they first came to the Foundation; they were very dirty, smelt awful and looked so unattractive. Now, they have experienced transformation at the Foundation and they regard us more as their friends and good shepherds rather than their supervisors.

In all these, we shall continue to give all thanks to God who has helped us this far. We are still trying and we trust in God to continue helping us and to crown our efforts with a huge success to be reflected in the lives of the ladies.

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