At these times in our lives, when civilization with its attendant challenges is fast eroding our fundamental values and the drastic change in the things that we attach value to, there is a need to deliberately go back, to the drawing board and redefine the things that matters most to us as members of a family.

As the old saying, ‘Charity begins from home’, a man’s success should first of all be measured from his home front. Actually our family values are so fundamental that they basically define every other aspect of our lives.

It should matter to us what our family members say about us. Every family that is going somewhere must have values. If the value of a thing is not known, definitely abuse is inevitable. Our value system has entirely collapsed in this nation and it is because the family system has been battered. That is why child abuse and adult abuse thrive.

A family without value is like a ship in the middle of an ocean. Parenting is a serious business and not just a vocation, but something you have to work at to succeed. There is need for parents to identify the strength/weakness of their children and also their personality type; there is also need to be able to describe the children in one word. By doing so, it will help in effective mentoring of the children.

Be interested in what your children are doing; their homework, getting dressed in the morning and so on. Discipline your children when it is necessary, let every challenge you are going through as a couple be handled between yourselves without a third party.

Steps to restoring family values

  1. Set code of conducts and standards for everyone including you as the parent.
  2. Spend time together as a family
  3. Have a family culture or tradition
  4. Pray together
  5. Review family goals together
  6. Encourage openness and self expression
  7. Encourage selfless service and giving
  8. Use God’s word as standard in living your life
  9. Let everyone be accountable and responsible for their children
  10. Always encourage the golden rule – Do to others as you would have them do to you.


The blessing of God as represented by the family is a serious responsibility and if you     don’t put your family in order that blessing may turn otherwise. The family is what defines the real existence of the society, so if the input into the family is garbage, the output in the society would be garbage. God is going to hold you accountable for your family in particular and the society in general.


We are so grateful to God for the lives of the children in our homes. It is so amazing to see them graduating from different Universities. When we remember how little they were then and how big they have grown now, we can not but be thankful to God and our partners.

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