The responsibility falls on women to prepare the home front for great success. We all know the saying “a good child belongs to the father while a bad child belongs to the mother”. This statement in its entirety isn’t true because both parents have their roles to play in the lives of their children and when one party fails it is usually very obvious unless the other party works very hard to make sure the neglect is not noticed. However the above statement is commonly accepted in our society, therefore women need to rise up to the occasion.

Alongside their husbands, they must teach their children right and wrong ways of life. Women must be open and talk to their children about all issues of life at the appropriate age. (Information given to the child at the wrong age also has its own adverse effects). Proverbs 22:6 (NIV) “Train the child in the way he should go and when he is old he would not turn from it.” We need to train or teach our children holiness, righteousness, chastity and morality amongst other things so that when they are away from us they will still make decisions that will glorify God and make us proud to be their parents.

Issues of teenage pregnancy and pregnancy out of wedlock are common in our society because some parents are shy to talk to their children about sex and those who do sometimes give them conflicting information. A lot of these children get curious and in an attempt to demystify sex, they therefore resolve to sex outside marriage. As a result they contact sexually transmitted diseases and some get pregnant.


It’s time to show our children love and make sure they are comfortable around us, so they can confide in us when they are confronted with difficult issues in schools, relationships and work etc. If children cannot discuss freely with mothers (or fathers) when faced with challenges they might go to the wrong people for advice which could have disastrous consequences for the children and the society at large. We should teach them to make the right decisions even if it is an unpopular decision. They should learn to stand for what is right regardless of what the world expects…..

To be concluded in the next blogpost.

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