Women are creatures of joy. A joyful God creates you joyfully and you were received with joy, always remember this when you are going through tough times. This is because coming in contact with the morning means you have come in contact with joy.

Let’s examine ten (10) keys to receiving transformation, to new levels that will bring joy.

  • Put On Your Best

You need to be prepared all the time because you don’t know when you will meet with opportunity

  • Be Sensitive

Be sensitive to the things around you because they may be an indication of your purpose in life. Discovering purpose will then produce joy.

  • Be At Rest

You need to learn to trust God and take a rest in your spirit man. When you are at rest you receive instructions on what to do.

  • Obedience

It is not enough to hear instructions from the Lord. You must be ready to take action. Obedience will always propel you forward.

  • Learn The Word

Jesus is happy when we come to his feet to learn of Him. Sit at his feet regularly to learn the word so that you can do it

  • Know Who You Are

You have to know you are in Christ. Know yourself for yourself and not what other people know or expect of you.

  • Don’t Entertain Fear

You cannot afford to live in fear or entertain fear. Fear has torment; don’t allow fear to take control. God has good plans concerning you.

  • Have A Good Reputation

Be known for something good, be known for a worthy purpose. Be known for excellence and be kind. Sow good things into the lives of those around you.

  • Don’t Give Up

Don’t faint at midnight. In the morning your joy will come, your expectation will not be cut off, and your shame will be covered. If you don’t give up, you will end up blessed and comforted.

  • Discover Your Purpose

You must discover that reason why you were created. Walking in purpose brings fulfilment and joy like no other thing can. Your purpose can be likened to a great pearl or treasure that will bring you profit as you face it squarely and pursue it fervently. You will leave every other thing you have been trying to do and stay in the place of purpose and power.

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