Wipe the tears off the face of the earth; let the whole world know how much it hurts. With a little love; with a little compassion, with a little hug, with a lot of action we can wipe the tears from the face of the earth’’. This is a song sung by a Christian artist two decades ago.

In our world today, many people are going through difficult and painful, emotional situations, but they find it difficult opening up their hearts to share their experience with someone close by. However, if  you will only look a little closer, somebody sitting beside you in the office, in the bus; in the church is weeping inside, but the tears cannot be seen.

She is hurting so bad you wonder if she is actually going through anything because she has a nice make up on and she is looking beautiful in her nice designer outfit, and she is wearing the best perfume in town. Don’t be deceived by this, it might just be a facade.

Just ask her, ‘’How are you today?  or ‘How is everything?’’ You would be shocked when she starts pouring out her mind. If you venture to ask her more personal questions, you will find out she is hurting inside. Why don’t you look around you, look a little closer; stretch out your hand of love and put a smile on someone’s face today.

Give to someone in need. Wipe the tears off the face of that person who is close by. That friend may be thinking of committing suicide, she may be thinking of giving up on life. To her understanding, life has not been fair on her. Please don’t let her die! You can set her free from the negative thoughts going through her mind; you can make her smile again.

Let her know that weeping is just for a night but joy is definitely coming in the morning. God has a purpose for her life and it should not be wasted.

Can you say to that drug addict, ‘’Jesus loves you?’’ and to that prostitute, ‘’God wants you back home” A little word of love can bring that child back home; it can go a long way in soothing someone’s heart, it can restore a broken home.

Let us start from among us and together we will reach the world. With a little love, with a little hug and a lot and a lot action we can wipe the tears off the face of the earth.

We have started here at the Real Woman Foundation and we need you to join hands with us as we solicit for your support financially, morally and materially as an individual or an organization to the end that this would contribute to wiping off the tears from the face of wounded women and innocent children too.

We invite you to join us in our ongoing enlightenment programmes with respect to the restoration of the dignity of women and reduction of violence against them.

To make a donation or enquiry visit www.therealwoman.org.

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